Perfect Protein Box

Beef is the perfect protein! It is packed with essential nutrients, but protein is the most notable. What makes beef such an excellent source of protein? One 3-4 ounce serving of beef provides 50% of your daily value of protein! We have put together a variety of our naturally and minimally processed beef cuts and online recipes so you can be prepared when hunger strikes. Eat less and feel full for longer!


  • Four (4) pounds of dry aged Ground Beef
  • One (1) pound of Beef Strips
  • Two (2) dry aged Steaks
  • You Pick Two (2)- small roast, 2 dry aged Steaks, Flanken Short Ribs, Mild Italian Ground Beef or Tenderized Cube Steaks.


*Dry aged steaks based on availability include- Sirloin, Tenderloin Filet, Ribeye, and New York strip.


**Delivers Free. 1 box/8 weeks.


Take 20% off each box when you pick up at the farm every 8 weeks. Skip or cancel anytime. Use code FARMPICKUP (subscribe and save orders only).


**Additional Shipping fees will be invoiced if shipping outside of 2-day ground delivery window.