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Indiana USA

We have been feeding families in Southern Indiana’s whitewater valley since 1884. And we’ve earned their trust by offering premium angus beef, raised in a process that’s built to last generations. Being your good neighbor matters. That’s why Beneker Beef is naturally processed, USDA inspected, roll-stock vacuum packed, and brought directly from our farm to your table.  


Taste matters. That’s why our beef is pasture-raised and grain finished. And we dry age our beef, just like what you would eat at a prime steakhouse. Our farm to table process ensures that every blade of grass and piece of grain that we use to grow our beef is grown by us. 


Legacy matters. In 2016, we were recognized as a historic Indiana Homestead after 120 continuous years of family farming.  We have created a sustainable process for raising our cattle so that we can continue to do so for 100 more years. Every calf we raise is hand-selected, and sourced locally from Indiana farmers. Then we raise them on over 200 acres of rolling hills, small streams, and fertile pastures of our Whitewater Valley Farm. 


Our process combines the best attributes of both grass and grain fed beef. Our cows start out on a free-range, unlimited grass diet. As our cattle grow, they gradually transition to an unlimited diet of both grass and grain. Our grain is our own custom blend of soft-shelled corn and we raise soft red winter wheat to supplement their diet. We grow it ourselves to ensure its quality.  


Being a good neighbor matters. By allowing our cows to eat and choose freely, we raise a happier, healthier animal. And since we grow every piece of grain that we feed our cows, we know everything that goes into the beef we feed our neighbors. 


Keep reading to meet our family!



Beneker Family

Dave Beneker (next) grew up farming with his dad Johnny (left). These two have made lots of changes to the farm over the years. Grandpas childhood home on the farm was a log cabin that he shared with his parents and 5 siblings. A part of the original home still stands. Grandpa loved to farm and he loved his wife Magdalene and their family. They had 6 children. He was also a little mischievous in the spirit of making people smile and laugh. He was known to hang your shoes from the ceiling. He liked holding babies and he could also wiggle his ears. One thing grandpa always told us was to make things better for those who follow. We were lucky to have him.

Today Dave and his wife Jackie Beneker take care of our farm near Brookville Indiana with their son Allen (next). It's been in our family for over 100 years. Dad is a graduate of Purdue University with his degree in Agriculture. Farming, Teaching Values, and his Family are his legacies. One thing dad has showed us in farming is the value of going the extra mile to do things right. Mom is an amazing athlete. She was a semi-pro softball player and played 3 sports at Ball-State where she was one of the first female athletes in the history of the university. Her and her identical twin sister have a craft shop in historic Metamora IN. She would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. 

This is us! Allen and Jayme Beneker. Allen grew up on the farm and married this suburban, Kansas native right here on the farm too!  We are both former college athletes. Allen works full-time as a victim's advocate and plays a big role in Domestic Violence Outreach and Victim Outreach. I always say that he is also a full-time farmer. I am a former professional volleyball player and Big 10 coach. I am still passionate about teaching volleyball to girls of all ages. Both of my parents grew up on farms and we have two wonderful children we always wanted to raise on the farm. We are thankful to be living the dream we imagined. We are excited to continue the tradition. We are grateful to work with our family.

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