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We understand that what you decide to feed your family matters. When you buy Beneker Family Farms beef for your family you'll know exactly where it came from and who raised it because we can tell you. It's us! And you can feel good about knowing that the beef you ordered to make your family's favorite meal comes from the same farm. Like the way it used to be.


Our beef is USDA inspected, packaged, frozen and picked up or shipped straight to your family table!  All of this occurs in a certified facility.  So you can feel assured that your beef was carefully prepared.


It's not just safe but tasty too! Your beef is pasture-raised, grain finished and dry aged for meat that's just plain delicious. We are also proud to share that every blade of grass and all the grain your beef will eat is grown by us on our farm. Want to see how your food is being cared for? Just keep reading!

our farm

Farming has been our family legacy for over 100 years, and raising calves is a part of that tradition too. Our calves come from local Indiana farmers and we finish them on the rolling hills of our Whitewater River Valley farm. They start out eating limited grain and all of the grass they want. Then over time they gradually move toward being able to eat all the grain and all the grass they want.  All of the grass, ground shelled corn, and soft red winter wheat that they eat is grown on our family farm.

Beneker Family

Dave Beneker (left) grew up farming with his dad Johnny (right). These two have made lots of changes to the farm over the years. One thing grandpa always told us was to make things better for those who follow. We are lucky to have him.

Today Dave and his wife Jackie Beneker take care of our farm near Brookville Indiana with their son Allen (next). It's been in our family for over 100 years. One thing dad has showed us in farming is the value of going the extra mile to do things right.

This is us! Allen and Jayme Beneker. Allen grew up on the farm and married this suburban, Kansas native in May 2014.  We have two wonderful children. We are excited to be carrying on the tradition!  We are grateful to work together with our family.

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