Custom Half/Whole Beef

*Price does NOT include shipping. For shipping, please contact us.

Requires $100 non-refundable deposit

NOT Eligible for free shipping with promotions


Pricing is based on how you would like it processed- All processing is included.


Please call 513-635-8309 with questions. There are reasons we would recommend each of these depending on what the customer is looking for.


Our HALF beef hanging weights average 400-430lbs.

  • This will put 250-265lbs of beef in your freezer.


Our WHOLE beef hanging weights average 800-860lbs.

  • This will put 500-530lbs of beef in your freezer.


Option A- Seam out the Chuck for extra steaks, Tenderizing, and Portion Control Control Cutting

$4.32 x Hanging Weight


Option B- Seam out the Chuck for extra steaks -OR- Portion Control Cutting. Includes Steak Tenderizing

$4.23 x Hanging Weight


Option C- Basic Processing & Steak Tenderizing.

$4.00 x Hanging Weight


Option D- No Frill Basic Processing

$3.90 x Hanging Weight