Build a quarter

*For information on booking a CUSTOM half, or whole beef call to order. 513-635-8309.*

Basic Quarter

4 Tenderloin Filets, Flank or Skirt Steak

4 6-8 ounce Sirloin Steaks

6 Ribeye Steaks

6 New York Strips

4 Delmonico, Denver, Flat Iron, and/or Ranch steaks -OR- Substitute for 2 extra roasts

You pick 6-8: Roast, Short Ribs, Marinated Fajita Strips, Italian Bratwurst, Bacon Burgers, Peppered Beef Bacon (or bacon ends), or extra ground beef

50lbs of Ground Beef


*Price does NOT include shipping. Call us to quote shipping.


We can substitute the value of any of these  cuts to customize your package. We want you to have the cuts in your freezer that you want to eat.



Build on to Your Quarter


2.5-3.5 pounds



Cube Steaks- Pictures Coming Soon

1 pound per package

4 cube steaks per package


Bacon Burger Patties- Pictures Coming Soon

1.05 pound per package

3 patties per package


Ground Beef

1 pound



Country Jerky

2oz packages


Spicy Country Jerky

2oz packages

Available for Pre-Order