Beneker Family Farms: From Their Farm to Your Table- Part 3

Makenna Mays, Whitewater Publications, Brookville IN-


Over the past few weeks in our series on Beneker Family Farms, you have learned about the history of the farm and how they have been able to turn a family farm into a business that provides for their community.

Many years of preparation have gone into making the products that Beneker Family Farms sells today.

“It all begins with sustainably raising quality livestock,” said Jayme Beneker.

The Benekers spend seasons maintaining their pastures, growing the food they need, and looking after the cows to make sure they are healthy and eating a well-balanced diet.

“We think that the way the beef is preserved is just as important as the way it is raised,” said Beneker.

The Benekers use both the dry aging method and natural processing to preserve the quality of their products.

“The dry aging process takes more time, but it creates a great flavor and very tender meat that sets it apart from the meat you might buy at a store,” said Beneker and, “It makes us feel good to know that nothing artificial is being added to your meat when creating our products.”

The beef is then vacuum sealed in special packaging designed to maintain both its integrity and taste. The packaging can also be used in a sous vide, a cooking technique popular in the restaurant industry that is now gaining traction in homes. The meat is cooked inside its sealed pouch and heated to a precise temperature by cooking it in water, which enhances the natural flavors and juices.

“It has always been our goal to think outside the box and to deliver consistent products that are the same each time you order,” said Beneker.

So, how do you get these farm fresh products delivered to your door?

A quick visit to will show you a variety of products that are ready to order, including seasonal bundles, an option to become a member of their beef jerky club, and even the option to order by individual cut. Their boxes and bundles range from 8 pounds up to whole beef.

“One of the most common questions I get asked is, do we have to order a whole beef?” says Beneker, “I always tell people while that is an option, we think most of our customers are happy buying in smaller bundles and re-ordering more often.”

The subscription boxes are a convenient and cost-effective option to help people do just that. These boxes include 8-9 pounds of a variety of staple meat cuts like steaks, ground beef, and beef strips with the option to customize with a few extra cuts.

For those wondering what a beef subscription entails, you can sign up to receive one box delivered to your home every four or eight weeks depending on the schedule you decide.

There is a meal kit option which includes recipes and meal planning along with locally sourced spices to help inspire new meal ideas for the variety of cuts that come in the box. Beneker Family Farms has collaborated with Nashville Spice Company to develop custom spices for their meal kit.


There is also a ground beef box option as well as a beef basic box option, which includes the same staple beef cuts as the meal kit. They also include online access to a private recipe bank where you can search for new meal ideas by the cut of beef you want to cook.

Right now, there is even a beef basics box available for a one-time purchase if you want to test out the product before committing to a subscription.
Beneker Family Farms sends out courtesy emails each month and boxes are billed automatically before each delivery. To set this up, customers sign up for a custom account during the checkout process. This account also allows you to skip or reschedule a delivery or cancel your subscription at any time. Subscribers also get access to a private store where they can add extra beef products to their box before each delivery.

Their subscription boxes deliver locally within a one-day UPS ground shipment from their farm and prices include delivery. Delivery times depend on where a customer lives. It can take 5-7 days to organize a long-distance delivery, but a local delivery or farm pick up can happen much sooner
After an order is made from the Beneker Family Farms website, you will receive an email order confirmation with other instructions and helpful tips.
Jayme Beneker will then also reach out personally to make sure everything is correctly customized for the purchaser and to confirm the delivery plan.

“We really want everyone to have the beef on hand that they know they will cook and eat,” said Beneker. “I put in a little extra work to make sure we get our customers the cuts they know they will cook.”

Beneker said while most people order online, there are also plenty of customers who call or text an order that they pay for upon pickup.


“One of my favorite things is when customers share their experiences with us and ask questions,” said Beneker. “Maybe they want to adjust their package to get more of what they love to eat or try a new piece they've researched. We engage with them about what they're cooking, and I love that.”

Beneker Family Farms is also very excited to be working with To-Go Delivers, a local service much like Door Dash that allows you to have meals delivered to your door.

“It's just another amazing aspect of our community to have a local business like this that's interested in helping us grow the farm to table movement,” said Beneker.

To-Go Delivers is just one local business that Beneker Family Farms has been able to partner with to make their farm to table operation possible. From printing and supplies, the spices, down to the delivery, customers are supporting at least five of Beneker Family Farms local partners when they purchase Beneker Family Farms beef.

“There are opportunities here for people who want to grow a local business and our community is intentional about coming alongside those businesses, sticking with them, and helping them grow,” said Beneker. “It's so fulfilling for us to able to do this for our community.”

If you are interested in trying out any of the products mentioned in this article or would simply like to learn more about their farm, visit