1/4 Sampler Beef OR Custom - $660

104lbs of dry-aged steaks, roasts, ground beef and different cuts.

Are you an old pro who wants to create their own quarter? We're glad to help! Order here and we'll contact you with our custom cut sheets. Not sure what to do... How does this sound?


2 packages of Filet, Skirt or Flank Steak

8-10 Sirloin Strip Steaks

8-10 Boneless Ribeye Steaks

6 New York Strip Steaks with Tenderloin Filets

6-8 Flat Iron, Sirloin Tip, or Eye of Chuck Steaks

6-7lbs of your choice- Minute Steak or Ground Round

1 package of your choice- Roast, Short Ribs or Back Ribs

Best quality 4-6 cuts of roast

50lbs of Ground Beef


  • 104 lb
  • Ship it!